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Groundwork gardens are community driven.  The spirit of each garden lies in the inspiration, commitment, and sweat of its gardeners.  At Groundwork, we take great pride in the contributions our gardeners make to their neighborhoods and we want to be able to tell these success stories.  We want to brag about the incredible collection of motivated people that comprise the Milwaukee Grows network.  We want to be informed about the impact our gardeners have in their communities.  To achieve these things, we need your help.  Since Groundwork gardens all have lives of their own, outside of any Groundwork guidance or agenda, the majority of activities that happen in gardens, happen without us knowing.  To help us tell gardener stories and gauge garden impact, we’ve created an online Gardener Activity Log that provides an easily accessible way for gardeners to tell us what’s growing and more.  We’re encouraging gardeners to make 2 submissions in the Gardener Activity Log per week (8 submission per month), but feel free to make more!  Gardens that make 8 submissions or more per month will be eligible to earn Groundwork led work days.  In other words, tell us what’s growing in your garden, and we’ll help you make your garden better!

Conditions of Work Day Incentive

Below is a detailed description of the conditions under which work days will be awarded for participation in the Gardener Activity Log:

  • Make at least 8 quality submissions or more per month (at least 2 per week) during the months of May, June, July, and August, and become eligible for a 3 hour work day provided by a team of Groundwork youth workers or volunteers.

  • Limit of one submission per day.

  • Limit of 5 work days given out per month.

  • In the event that more than 5 gardens reach the 8 submission goal in a month, the work days will be given to the 5 gardens with the highest number of submissions.

  • During the three month period, an individual garden will not be granted more than one work day unless there are no other eligible gardens or all other eligible gardens have already received a work day.

  • Gardeners will be notified of earned work days via the email provided in the survey. If a Groundwork representative is unable to contact a garden representative within 5 days of emailing, the work day will not be scheduled.

  • Work days must be scheduled in advance with a Groundwork representative and will likely occur 3-4 weeks from the time they are scheduled.

  • Goals of the work day will be determined through discussion between a Groundwork representative and a garden representative.

  • A representative of the garden must be present during the 3 hour work period.

  • Groundwork reserves the right to use discretion in determining work day recipients.


Annual Garden Book

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