Media Toolkit

Here are various Groundwork Milwaukee logos and images.  If you have questions, difficulties downloading, or need a different version contact 

By downloading, you agree to not alter our logos in any way:

  • Do not stretch logo
  • Do not change colors of logo - see colors below
  • Do not crop logo
  • Do not overlap our logo with other logos


Groundwork Green: Pantone 354 U

Groundwork Blue: Pantone 313 U

The RGB codes for these colors for computer digital display are;

Groundwork Green: R-0, G-131, B-59

Groundwork Blue: R-0, G-128, B-173

If you are printing something on vinyl or some other glossy

surface, the comparable colors are:

Groundwork Green - 347 C

Groundwork Blue - 314 C

The names and logo can also be printed in black and white.


Full Logo - Color (white background)    .pdf      .jpg

Full Logo - Color (transparent background)  .png 

Triangle Logo - Color (white background)   .jpg

Triangle Logo - B&W    .tif       .pdf