Geographic Information Science (GIScience)

Groundwork Milwaukee's GIScience program utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) when working with residents, allowing us to record and map geospatial data. This is a unique community led effort that produces 'bottom up' knowledge representative of the local knowledge and aspirations of our community partners.


Through contracted service, GWM collects data, performs spatial analyses, creates maps, and produces final reports that help organizations to better understand their relative impact and make informed decisions in future planning processes.

GWM also provides monthly GIS workshops that cover introductory and intermediate GIS concepts with use of open-source, web-based programs—QGIS and Carto. At these workshops, individuals and organizations also learn how to use GPS/GIS Mobile Data Collection tools to collect real time field data that can then be mapped using any GIS program.